Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend with my Favorite Sister

A blog I forgot to post... this one goes out to my man Adam Hauch!

Dearest Adam,

I just got back from an impulsive weekend trip to DC to visit Natasha. the week prior she called me at least twice a day to convince me to fly up and visit her - and you know me - it doesn't take too much work to convince me. Anyways, I flew in Friday night and went pretty much straight to drinking. She bought a handle of rum and had a handful of different beers waiting for me - a truly amazing sister! Too bad I was still hung over from the night before. (We had organized a drinking fundraiser at Lotus Lounge on Thursday night. A dollar from every drink went straight to help rebuild New Orleans. Hunter, my roommate, works for Patron and was able to set up Patron specials all night.) Anyways, regardless of how I was feeling, I had to bring my "A" game, Natasha had talked me up as a mix between Van Wilder and Superman. We met up with some of her friends at their apt and shot-gunned beers (I obv. put them to shame) and smoked some hookah. One of the guys had bought a table at a brand new club called Current, so we decided to make an appearance.

Adam, this place was ridiculous. Compared to this place, clubs in Chicago are ok and Dallas doesn't even come close. The bathroom doors were see through, but when you locked them, there was something in the glass that made them opaque. I could describe the club - but you really don't care too much. So I'll get to the point - the place was talented. Coming from Dallas, I really didn't expect much-but I was happily surprised. In fact, I met a girl. She was the bottle service waitress. Gorgeous! I'd move people out of her way while she was trying to get by in the crowded club and while she was passing by - we'd share a dance. Anyways, by the end of the night she slipped me her number and I asked her to dinner for the following night.

Woke up on my sister's friends couch. Not really sure how that happened because Quinette (the girl from the night before) kept feeding me Long Islands all night :) Anyways, walked back to Natasha's apt -watched the UT /OU game, tried to sneak into the student gym, but we got kicked out b/c I wasn't a student, so we ended up strolling around the charming Georgetown area. Finally got some good brother / sister time.

Dinner: Since I was only in town for one more night I decided to take Natasha, her friend, AND Quinette to dinner. We decided on a small Italian restaurant that Natasha loves. We walked in and immediately met the owner, oh who is also a magician. We quickly befriended him and he spent the next 30 minutes at our table dazzling us with card tricks. After getting to know him a little better he revealed to me that he also a recruiter and judge for the Miss USA pagaent and that I needed to convince my sister and Quinette to compete... weird. ... After dinner Quinette had to go back to Current for work and I took Natasha and her roommate, Ivy, salsa dancing. Adam, I'm not sure if you know, but both Natasha and Ivy are on the ballroom team at college - they are incredible dancers. After dancing nonstop for about 3 hours - seriously nonstop - they wouldn't let me take a break, Natasha and Ivy headed home and I decided to head back to Current. I ended up dancing even more with Quinette as her night was winding down and then she offered to drive me to the airport at 4 am after work (because my flight was at 5:30 am).

It's always a pleasure to hang out with my sister, she's coming down for a while next month, but it was nice to finally met a normal fun girl who's not A) a bitch and/or B) flaky.

Anyways.... Chicago! Two Days!